Is a 300,000 square foot state-of-the-art manufacturing facility capable of producing, 35 million board feet of annual hardwood flooring. Aacer Flooring, is a company with more than 100 years of experience in every part of the wood flooring industry. The employees have logged, milled, manufactured and even installed hard maple and oak flooring. This bottom-up knowledge of the business created the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility with an eye to quality, consistency and customer satisfaction.

Flooring and Floor Systems

Aacer floor systems are designed and manufactured primarily for recreational applications in the athletic and academic markets. In any sport, attitude, equipment and knowledge of the game are important. But when playing on the hardwood, the floor makes the winning difference, and we believe that Aacer is that difference. Our recreational performance floor systems, like Aacer Cush, Aacer Cush I, Aacer Cush I Plus, Aacer Anchored Power Sleeper, The patented Aacer Channel and Scissor Lock Power Vent definitely show that difference. We also manufacture strip flooring for commercial and residential markets. Aacer flooring is manufactured to MFMA (Maple Flooring Manufacturer Association) standards. Aacer has expanded its line-up with a full line of exciting Synthetic Surfaces. Learn more about our systems at Aacer Sports Floor Systems. Aacer Production Plant


Aacer Flooring primarily manufactures hard maple and northern red oak strip flooring but also offers cherry, yellow birch, northern ash, white oak, red birch, hickory, Peshtigo River cherry and northern steamed beech. All the flooring is manufactured in a unique environmentally controlled facility. The moisture content of the wood is carefully controlled through each step of the manufacturing process – even during storage. The result is environmentally stable, top quality flooring.

Focusing on our Customers

Aacer’s customer service philosophy is built around our customers. Aacer is committed to customizing our products and services to the needs of every customer – large or small. Many companies develop their products and set up their procedures to best serve their company and then hope it fits with their customers’ needs. At Aacer, every decision is made with the customer’s needs in mind. We believe when our customers succeed, so do we.

Our Indian Partner

Harrison Industries has been in the sports flooring business since 2002 and have the required technical expertise of installing the sports floors and follow the MFMA installation guidelines.